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The Rhodes School is a state of Texas fine art magnet charter school. Our first school term began Fall, 2007. Scholarship, Leadership, and Citizenship are the principles upon which The Rhodes School is founded, and which we instill in the heart and mind of every student who enters our doors.

The goal of The Rhodes School is to expand the educational choice of families in northeast Houston and provide increased opportunities for students from different ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds to interact with each other. The goal is accomplished through a fine art magnet charter school which offers art, dance, drama, and classical music as part of the core curriculum. The Rhodes School is FREE to all who attend. We utilize federal, state, and private funds to implement the program. Additionally, we seek partnerships other Houston arts organizations to provide depth and variety to the program.

The most highly qualified teachers and fine art professionals are part of the school's instructional team. With the help of trained specialists, classroom instructors develop lessons that challenge students to think critically, to problem solve, to collaborate, and to be active participants in the learning process.

Why Are We Here?
A large portion of students from the target areas are considered at-risk because of socioeconomic and/or academic indicators. The Rhodes School's magnet school model, which integrates the fine arts as part of the curriculum, reduces the impact of at-risk factors for these students. Based on current educational research by organizations such as The Annenberg Foundation, a model such as The Rhodes School's has a significantly more positive effect on student achievement in core academic subjects than programs that do not include the arts as part of the core curriculum. Unfortunately, funding for fine arts programs and curricula in the target area has declined steadily over the last several years. Many schools within these districts have reduced their fine art program to a single grading period for the entire school year. Some have no fine art component at all.

The Rhodes School fills the fine art void in the community and provides an academically sound, arts-rich curriculum that allows students to develop an understanding of and appreciation for the fine arts while developing and strengthening basic reading, math, and science skills, and provides opportunities for interaction with students from different backgrounds. Students participate in a curriculum that appreciates multiple intelligences and which integrates core academic subjects into the arts curriculum.
The Rhodes School
12822 Robert E. Lee | Houston, TX 77044 | PH: (281) 458-4334
Tidwell Campus
12818 Tidwell Rd. | Houston, Tx 77044 | PH: (281) 459 - 9797